Certification in the Hakomi Method

The Hakomi Institute offers two certification tracks: licensed clinicians can work towards certification as Certified Hakomi Therapists (CHTs) and coaches, pastoral counselors, bodyworkers and other helping professionals can pursue certification as Certified Hakomi Practitioners (CHPs). You're welcome to read the documents below to familiarize yourself with the process and guidelines for certification in the Hakomi Method.


Hakomi Therapist/Practitioner Certification Process (pdf)  

Hakomi Therapist/Practitioner Certification Guidelines (pdf)

Hakomi graduates (students who've completed two years of Hakomi Comprehensive or Professional Training) and practioners certified in the Hakomi Method are required to advertise their Hakomi-related services according to the guidelines outlined in the document below.

Use of the Hakomi Name (pdf) 


For questions about Hakomi certification not clarified by the above documents, please contact our executive director, Rhonda Mattern, at 510-849-7735.



Hakomi's international headquarters offers the following code of ethics and grievance procedures:

Hakomi Code of Ethics (pdf)   

Hakomi Ethical Grievance Process (pdf)  


As a member of USABP, the Hakomi Institute and all of its affiliates, including the Hakomi Institute of California, are also required to comply with the following ethical standards:  

United States Association for Body Psychotherapy Code of Ethics


The Hakomi Institute of California offers an additional local grievance procedure for issues relating to California Hakomi trainings, workshops, and related business policies:

Hakomi Institute of California Grievance Process (pdf)


 Hakomi Comprehensive Training Audio Recordings - Year 2

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 Hakomi Comprehensive Training Audio Recordings

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