We Have a New Teacher:

Congratulations to Gal Szekely who was recently certified as our newest Hakomi Teacher.

Born and raised in Israel, Gal has from a young age devoted himself to his own growth and learning. This process led him through an interdisciplinary investigation of philosophy, psychology, Buddhism and meditation, among other topics. After earning a Masters in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University, Gal worked as a marketing manager in the tech industry, and later as a management consultant.
Gradually becoming interested in psychotherapy, Gal transplanted himself to the Bay Area, and completed a counseling degree at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, followed by attaining licensure as an MFT in the State of California. He also enrolled in our Hakomi Professional Skills Track, where Gal distinguished himself with his abilities, energy and determination. Gal assisted in several Trainings, achieved his Hakomi Certification, and has been a teaching apprentice in the SF Comprehensive Training for the past two years. This past December, having been impressed by Gal’s mastery of the Method, his group management insights and skills, his ability to respond spontaneously to training situations, and his heartful, more than competent teaching style, we enthusiastically Certified him as a Hakomi Teacher. He will be involved in various California events this year, as well being a member of the Israeli Hakomi Teaching Team.
Gal is happily married to another of our students, Liron Cohen. Their relationship inspired him to specialize in working with couples. At the end of 2011, he founded The Couples Center,  a counseling and education center for couples in San Francisco (http://thecouplescenter.org ). Gal is also an Advanced R-CS Practitioner, and apprentice R-CS Facilitator.
Beyond his professional life, Gal enjoys playing tennis (a passion since he was 5 years old), snowboarding in Tahoe, traveling worldwide [he and Liron are off to Belize as I write this…] and practicing yoga and meditation.   
We hope you will join with us in welcoming Gal to our Faculty circle, and we’re sure that as you get to know him, you will understand our enthusiasm.