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RhondaPicRhonda Mattern, Executive Director
Rhonda Mattern earned an MS in Applied Behavioral Science and Organization Development from Johns Hopkins University. She has worked as Director of Training and Organization Development for two Fortune 1000 health care companies, served as a Senior Organization Development Consultant for the American Red Cross, and provided organization development consulting to AARP, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Environmental Defense Fund, among others. A Hakomi graduate and longtime spiritual practitioner, Rhonda offers classes and private sessions in Intentional Presence, a mix of mindfulness-based therapeutic and relational skills. She's also an award-winning songwriter who worked for many years as a musician and square dance caller, and still counts singing and contra dancing among her top ten passions in life. You can reach Rhonda at 510-849-7735. Email: mattern.rhonda@gmail.com


Christine Seman PhotoChristine Seman, Administrator
Christine studied English literature and many forms of dance and movement practices.  She has worked in office administration and management for nine years, most recently at the ACLU, supporting their attorneys' fight against anti-immigration policies. She spent a decade working as a crisis and residential counselor at shelters and agencies. Christine received traditional training as a gilder in the Netherlands and worked for many years in the craft. She completed Hakomi Comprehensive Training in 2017 and has maintained a meditation practice for the past 17 years. She enjoys growing food and being in nature.  She lives on Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone land and is a mother. Pronouns:  She/her/hers. You can reach Christine at contact@hakomica.org or 415-839-6788.


AdeleAdele Gotlib, Bookkeeper
Adele lives to nitpick. She also lives for praise. This combination of personality traits makes her extremely well suited for her job as Hakomi's bookkeeper and sometime proofreader. In addition to bookkeeping experience, Adele has over 25 years' experience as a typist-proofreader-copy editor, and has spent nearly as many years being unemployed, for which she is also very well suited. When not doing nothing, Adele enjoys spending her free time gardening, looking at birds and bugs, and playing the piano. You can reach Adele at hicabooks@gmail.com

Anna Fagergren photo Sept 2020 as pngAnna Fagergren, Training Support Coordinator
Anna Fagergren earned an MA in Organizational Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. For the past nine years, she has provided program evaluation support to nonprofit organizations with a focus on youth development. One of Anna's greatest passions is supporting people in their development; she is a volunteer mentor and tutor, and a running coach. Drawn to personal and interpersonal growth opportunities, she loves building on her mindfulness and body-based practices through the Hakomi Comprehensive Training, as well as developing her mediation skills with the SEEDS Community Resolution Center. Probably happiest outdoors, Anna runs and hikes as much as she can. You can reach Anna at 917-497-8408 and annafagergren@gmail.com.